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Dr. Rick Varieur 

   Post Abortion 1

   Post Abortion 2


Dr. Doreen Ciancaglini

    Adolescent Medicine 1

    Adolescent Medicine 2


Dr. Sheila Carey-Kuzmic

    Abortion & Breast Cancer



Judy Costa


    Post Abortion Retreats (Rachel's Vineyard)


Dr. Ben Healey

   OB-GYN 1

   OB-GYN 2


Rev. Michael Najim




David O'Connell

    Mother of Life Center 1

    Mother of Life Center 2


Susanna Brennan

    Hope Rising Ministry 1

    Hope Rising Ministry 2


Ned Dougherty

    Men & Abortion 1

    Men & Abortion 2


Marian Desrosiers

    Project Rachel


Theresa Bonapartis

   Despair to Hope

   Reason to Hope


Lisa Maloney

   Care Net 1

   Care Net 2