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Francis Valliere

  Sola Scriptora

  Teaching Authority of the Church


Dr. Mary Giordano




Lee Grossi

  Eucharistic Adoration 1

  Eucharistic Adoration 2


Rev. Giacomo Capoverdi

   Advent 1

   Advent 2

   Advent 3

   Advent 4


Rev. Edward Sousa

    Witness I

   Witness II


Rev. Michael Woolley

    Lord of the Rings 1

    Lord of the Rings 2


William Patenaude     

   DaVinci Code 1

    DaVinci Code 2


Rev. Paul Desmarais

   Occult 1

    Occult 2


Joanne McOsker         

   Pro Life Issues 1

    Pro Life Issues 2


Rev. Matthew Glover

   Witness 1

    Witness 2


Rev. Henry Zinno

   Priesthood 1

    Priesthood 2


Dr. Paul Schenck

   Priests for Life 1

   Priests for Life 2


Dr. Richrd Cervone

    Stem Cell 1

   Stem Cell 2


Dr. Sheila Carey-Kuzmic

   Post Abortion Syndrome 1

   Post Abortion Syndrome 2



   Recording Artist 1

   Recording Artist 2


Kathy Melvin


   Benedict XV1


Dr. Rick Varieur & John Palangio

     Debate 1

    Debate 2


Padre Vincenzo Rosato

   Witness 1

    Witness 2


Rev. Frank Pavone

    Priests for Life 1

    Priests for Life 2


Rev. Thomas Euteneuer

    Human Life International 1

    Human Life International 2

    Human Life International 3

    Human Life International 4


Rev. J. Santos & Allan Maynard

    Una Voce 1

    Una Voce 2


Rev. Msgr. Carlo Montecalvo


    Military Career


David O'Connell

    Mother of Life Center



Rev. Frank Pavone & Rev. Mark Clarke

    Priests for Life 1

    Priests for Life 2


Dr. Edward Myers & Edward McDonough


    Youth Suicide


Edward McDonough

    Religious Education

    Pre Cana


Rev. Dean Perri

    Vocation Story


Rev. Dean Perri & Rev. Roman Manchester

    Pro Life Issues


Jason Jones, Human Life International

    Post Abortive Male


    American Responsibility 1

    American Responsibility 2


Jason DeGregorio

    Chastity 1

    Chastity 2


Rev. Robert Marciano

    September 11, 2001/The Pentagon 1

    September 11, 2001/The Pentagon 2


Rev. Bruce Nieli   

    Evangelization 1

    Evangelization 2


Ryan Connors   

    Pro Life

    The Church


Rev. Raymond Suriani


    Our Blessed Mother


Mark Gordon

    Mary, Our Mother


Godfrey & Desrosiers

    Life Athletes

    Pro Life Issues


Bud Miller




McQueeney & Parquette

    RI State Right to Life


Rev. David Stokes

    Conversion & Vocation

    The Reformation


Francis Hastings




Rev. Timothy Reilly

    Vocation Story 1

    Vocation Story 2


Rev. Giacomo Capoverdi

    Lent 1/The Eucharist

    Lent 2/Why Be Catholic?

    Lent 3/God Is Love

    Lent 4/In the Wilderness

    Lent 5/Temptation

    Lent 6/The Passion


Dr. Rick Varieur

    Fatherhood 1

    Fatherhood 2


Rev. Patrick Healy & Rev. James Marshall

    Priests for Life


Rev. James Marshall & Patrick O'Donnell

    Priests for Life


Patrick O'Donnell & Daniel Cochran

    Priests for Life


Rev. Patrick Healy & Daniel Cochran

    Priests for Life


Kevin & Theresa Burke

    Rachel's Vineyard

    Post Abortion Syndrome


Maureen Curley

    Health Care Professional

    Post Abortion

    Doe vs. Bolton