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   The Annunciation          The Visitation               The Nativity              The Presentation             The Finding
                                            of Our Lord                                                       of Our Lord                 in the Temple

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      The Baptism                Wedding Feast             Proclaiming            The Transfiguration       Jesus Institutes
          of Jesus                         of Cana                  the Kingdom                     of Jesus                   the Eucharist
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       The Agony                 The Scourging             The Crowning               The Carrying          The Crucifixion and
     in the Garden                at the Pillar                  with Thorns                  of the Cross               Death of Jesus

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   The Resurrection          The Ascension          The Decent of              The Assumption           The Coronation
      of Our Lord                  of Our Lord             the Holy Spirit                 of Our Lady                 of Our Lady