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Rev. Roger J. Landry

John Paul II's "Theology of the Body"

   Introduction & Overview      Video

  The Original Unity of Man & Woman

   Purity of Heart vs. Concupiscence

   St. Paul's Teaching on the Human Body

   Marriage & Celibacy

   Virginity or Celibacy

   Sacramentality of Marriage

   Reflections on Humanae Vitae    


Rev. Thomas Kocik



    Private Revelation


    Catholic Funeral

    The Creed

    On Being Catholic


    Christ's Church is Catholic

    Mystical Body 1

    Mystical Body 2

Rev. Patrick Magee

    Journey of St. Paul 1

    Journey of St. Paul 2

    Journey of St. Paul 3

    Journey of St. Paul 4

    Journey of St. Paul 5

    Journey of St. Paul 6

    Journey of St. Paul 7

Dr. Rick Varieur

    Lucifer 1

    Lucifer 2

Rev. Frank Salmani

    The Spiritual Life 1

    The Spiritual Life 2

    The Spiritual Life 3

    The Spiritual Life 4

    The Spiritual Life 5

    The Spiritual Life 6

    The Spiritual Life 7

    The Spiritual Life 8

Dale O'Leary

    Collaboration of Men & Women 1

    Collaboration of Men & Women 2

    Collaboration of Men & Women 3

    Collaboration of Men & Women 4

Rev. Frank Salmani

    The Spiritual Journey 1

    The Spiritual Journey 2

    The Spiritual Journey 3

    The Spiritual Journey 4

    The Spiritual Journey 5

    The Spiritual Journey 6

    The Spiritual Journey 7

    The Spiritual Journey 8

Dr. Anthony Esolen

    Nature of Hell

    Will & Intellect

    Absurdity of Sin

    Ice of Hell

    Purgatory & Freedom

    The Sin of Pride

    Grace Perfecting Nature

    The Refining Fire

    The Life of Charity

    Francis & Domenic

    The Mystery of Providence

    The Final Vision